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Executive coaching

 inspires to maximize personal and professional potential

Coachlike Leadership training

how to empower, engage and develop employees

How to choose a coach?

Since coaching is an unregulated industry anybody can call themselves a coach. Any not accredited learning institute can “certify” their students. The best way to make sure you get quality coaching according to the standards of the International Coach Federation is to check the certificates of the coach and who trained them.

I have ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential and I have undertaken courses at the ICF-approved school, AkademiCoachstjärnan.

Executive coching

Executive coaching

The benefits of executive coaching 

“Building a Coaching Culture with Managers and Leaders” - Study from  Human Capital Institute and ICF 2016.

* Survey respondents were asked to report the most important indicators of coaching impact observed in their organizations. Improved team functioning, increased employee engagement and increased productivity are cited among the most important indicators of coaching by more than half of all respondents.

* A strong coaching culture positively correlates with employee engagement and financial performance. Nearly two-thirds of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures rate their employees as being “highly engaged,” compared to only half from organizations without strong coaching cultures

* In terms of financial impact, 51% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their 2015 revenue to be above that of their industry peer group, compared to 38% from all other organizations

What to expect?

* 1-on-1 meetings dedicated to developing either managers or employees
* Support with: motivating the team, increasing effectiveness, making better-informed decisions, conflict handling, creating including, diverse, and engaging work culture, managing overwhelm and stress, improving leadership skills, discovering potential, ect.

Please reach out for an offer that will fit your needs

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“Coaching style leadership is the best option to empower ” - Andrea Wänerstrand, Head of the global coaching programs at Microsoft

Become the boss you always wish you had!


Based on emotional intelligence, coaching style leadership enables teams to reach their full potential. How? It facilitates empowerment and learning and activates a growth mindset. You will build a trusting relationship, allowing your team members to take responsibility, which will make it easier for you to delegate more effectively.


If you would like to learn how to implement coaching capabilities, please choose the training that best fits your needs.

Coachlike leadership


Self paced online course & lifetime access to course materials.


Online or in person introduction of coaching capabilities with practical exercises.


Improve your coaching skills. Combine the theory with practice during 1-on1 sessions.

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