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My fascination with psychology runs off of the desire to understand the mechanisms that make us behave in a certain way. What makes us happy, why do we struggle, how do conflicts arise and can be handled? What impact do our thoughts have on our feelings? What drives and motivates us? Coaching gave me answers, knowledge, and techniques that made my life easier to navigate and understand. And now I want to share this experience with my fellow human beings.

I work with leaders as if I was their personal trainer. I help them to achieve certain goals using their own resources. We co-create an action plan and I keep them motivated. Using different coaching techniques my clients define their strengths and how to utilize them. They learn to recognize and manage their limitations and limiting beliefs. Having coaching as a tool makes my client better leaders taking care of their teams, improving results, and reducing stress.


I have also had the privilege to help individuals recovering from burnout, losses, and abusive relationships. Coaching is not adequate in the acute phase of clinical burnout, grief, or right after an abuse. But when life starts to feel manageable it can be helpful to sort out your thoughts and make plans for the future.



ACC (Associate Certified Coach) - certification and professional training at ICF approved school AkademiCoachstjärnan

Before I tapped into coaching I worked for several years in Business administration within different industries. I have a master's degree in BA and I studied in four countries, mostly developing my social skills :) I do love technology, innovation, and languages but the best part of both my education and career was always interactions with other people. At the German course at Vienna Uni, I learned mostly English, spending time with Spanish people. At Viadrina Uni (Frankfurt /Oder) most valuable conversations took place in the kitchen of our student apartment (mixing English, German, Polish, Swedish, and Bosnian). Working for big corporations I cherished the little moments of connections: when helping my colleagues, clients, or business partners.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+46 700 93 93 66

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